STYSA Member Benefits

As a member of South Texas Youth Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer, you receive many benefits that aid in player development both on the field and off. Please click read more for more information:

It is the mission of South Texas Youth Soccer Association to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the youth of South Texas by offering an environment that makes soccer fun and instills a lifelong passion for the game in its players and their families.

To accomplish this goal, STYSA provides various levels of play (recreational and competitive) designed to fulfill the needs of players age 4 through 19 of various skill levels. These levels of play offered by STYSA are:

Level of Play Type of Play Age Groups
Division IV Recreational Under 10 and younger
Division IV Academy / Recreational Plus Under 8 to Under 10
Division III Recreational Under 11 – Under 19
Division II Competitive Under 11 – Under 19
Super II Competitive Under 11 – Under 19
Division I Competitive Under 11 – Under 19

For each level of play there are competitions that are offered, and will continue to be offered, by South Texas Youth Soccer Association.  These competitions are:

Recreational Leagues, Fall Championship District and State TournamentsState Classic League; Southern Region Premier League; National League; South Texas Cup District and State TournamentsDirector’s CupPresidents Cup; and US Youth Soccer National Championships

Beyond the state-level competitions, the Presidents Cup and US Youth Soccer National Championships offer advancement to Regional and National Competitions based upon performance on the field.


In addition to Competitions, STYSA offers a comprehensive accident insurance program beyond your primary health insurance, insurance coverage for the actions of your club’s officers, Olympic Development opportunities, Grassroots Festivals, TOPSoccer programs for players with special needs, Coaching Education programs, Parent Education materials, access to FREE college test prep materials and much, much more that other organizations aren’t equipped to provide.


STYSA believes in doing what is best for all levels of player and will ensure that every player has a place to participate.


Be sure to check with your Club Administrators and Directors of Coaching at tryouts to see if your team will be able to take advantage of all these benefits that STYSA offers to our members!

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