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Updated League Rules, Policies, and Procedures (Spring 2019)

The Spindletop Youth Soccer Association Rules, Policies, and Procedures have been updated as of February 12, 2019. You may obtain a copy of this document below:

The key changes to the prior set of rules are:

  • Updated Part 3, “Divisions”, to revise our targeted age-group brackets
  • Updated Part 3, “Divisions”, to adopt a policy of grouping teams in league play according to expected ability, and not just each team’s registration level
  • Updated Part 4, “Preseason Timelines”, to clarify that preliminary brackets will be posted for public review before preliminary schedules are produced, and to require each club to participate in an in-person scheduling meeting prior to the start of each season
  • Updated Part 7, “Rosters and Club Pass”, to be consistent with changes in STYSA’s club pass rules
  • Updated Part 10, “Playing Rules”, to limit the number of male players on the field in D3 coed matches
  • Updated Part 10, “Playing Rules”, to prohibit goalkeepers from punting or drop-kicking the ball in D3 coed matches
  • Updated Part 12, “Non-Competitive Matches”, to require the dominant team to reduce playing numbers immediately once a match has become non-competitive
  • Updated Part 12, “Non-Competitive Matches”, to allow teams to agree to finalize a non-competitive match at halftime, and then play a “mixed squad” mini-game in place of the second half
  • Updated Part 15, “Non-Performance and Forfeits”, to clarify that reviews of the 50% playing time rule shall be conducted as “administrative” actions, and not as an official “game protest”

This document supersedes all prior versions of the SYSA Rules, Policies, and Procedures.

Upcoming Referee Class

There will be a new Referee class scheduled on March 2, 2019 hosted by Gulf Coast Soccer Club. Details to Follow.